The semi-conscious, self proclaimed “Groggy MC”  better known as Fullmetal is a rapper from Houston, Texas who emphasizes cohesive lyrics and meticulous rhymes. In 2010 he released his first mixtape entitled Check it Out! with Fullmetal which combined his perspective on coming up in the south with Adult Swim themes. A concept EP in 2012 called Trillmatic was his second release; this beyond imaginative recreation of Nas's classic Illmatic features blues and southern rock influences backed by live instrumentation pays homage to the original work and shines a bright light on Fullmetal's vast ability as a lyricist. Both releases received high praise from fans and publications such as, Day and a Dream, and the Houston Press. Fullmetal has been featured in several SXSW showcases since 2012 including the most recent 2016 SXSW as an official performer. He has rocked the stage at various festivals and opened for both the legendary Slick Rick and Dead Prez. You can anticipate his first full length LP, Avoid the Lava, out summer 2016 with the first single Nothing Like It  is out now and available everywhere.  

Sonically, he's been compared to a mix of Lupe Fiasco and Vol. 2 Jay-Z and is known for infusing geek culture references into relatable, true-to-self lyrics.

In addition to his solo ventures, Fullmetal further reveals his talents while fronting the experimental hip-hop band Bandtastic 4 and blending artistic visions with fellow Houston rapper Kyle Hubbard and DJ Discipline as a third of the rap trio Extra Regular.